Leftist Parties of the World

Abbreviations - International Affiliations

Abbr. Explanations Leading Parties Leaders
AIT International Workers Association; Asociación International de los Trabajadores; anarcho-syndicalist; founded in 1922. CNT (Spain)  
Alb. Parties sympathetic to the politics of the Labour Party of Albania.    
APGN Asia Pacific Greens Network The Greens (Australia)  
BCFI Bolshevik Current for the Fourth International; trotskyist; founded in 1996. PBCI (Argentina)  
CCITP Collective for an International Conference of the Principled Trotskyism; Colectivo por una Conferencia Internacional del Trotskismo Principista    
CCOMPOSA Coordination Committee of Maoist Parties and Organisations of South Asia; founded in 2001. Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)  
CERCI Liaison Committee for the Reconstruction of the IVth International; Comité de Enlace por la Reconstrución de la IV Internacional. Trotskyist; founded in 1988; probably dissolved in 1997. POR (Bolivia) Guillermo Lora
Chin. Parties sympathetic to the politics of the Communist Party of China.    
CI Communist International; 1919-1943. KPSS (USSR)  
CIML Communist International Marxists-Leninists KPD/ML (Germany) Wolfgang Eggers
CIR Committee of International Rapprochement (Comité de Aproximación Internacional); trotskyist tendency founded 2005 Convergencia Socialista (Argentina)
CITO International Center of Orthodox Trotskyism - 4th International; Centro Internacional del Trotskismo Ortodoxo - IV Internacional; founded in 1994 as split from LIT. PST (Colombia)  
COFI Communist Organization for the Fourth International; trotskyist; founded in 1992. LRP (USA)  
COTP Organizing Committee of Principist Trotskyism (Fourth International); Comité Organizador del Trotskismo Principista (Cuarta Internacional); founded in 2000. LOI(CI) (Argentina)  
CRFI Coordinating Committee for the for the Refoundation of the Fourth International. PO (Argentina) Jorge Altamira
CSL Latinamerican Socialist Coordination; Coordinación Socialista Latinoamericana; left socialist; founded in 1986.    
Cu. Parties sympathetic to the politics of the Communist Party of Cuba. PCC (Cuba) Fidel Castro
CWI Committee for a Workers' International; trotskyist; "Militant Tendency"; founded in 1974. SP (GB) Peter Taaffe
DPPE Democratic Party of the Peoples of Europe - European Free Alliance    
EACL European Anti-Capitalist Left LCR (France)  
EESDF Eastern European Social Democratic Forum; founded in 1999 SDPU(O)  
EFGP European Federation of Green Parties; founded in 1993. Bündnis 90/Die Grünen (Germany)  
EL Party of the European Left PRC (Italy), PDS (Germany), IU (Spain)  
ESC Euro-Asian Socialist Congress; left socialist parties of the former USSR and Eastern Europe; founded in 1995. SPU (Ukraine)  
FGPA Federation of Green Parties of the Americas; founded in 1998. PVEM (Mexico)  
FOR Revolutionary Workers Foment; Fomento Obrero Revolucionario; founded in late 1970s.    
FPEA Federation of Ecological Parties of Africa; Fédéracion des Partis Écologistes d'Afrique, founded in 1998.    
FIC Fifth International of Communists; ex-trotskyist. SFG (GB)  
FS Freedom Socialists; trotskyist; grouping of Freedom Socialist Parties. FSP (USA)  
FSP Sao Paulo Forum; Foro de Sao Paulo; founded in 1992; broad left. PT (Prazil)  
FT-EI Trotskyist Faction-International Strategy; Fracción Trotskista (Estrategia Internacional); founded in 1988 as split from LIT. PTS (Argentina)  
GCI Internationalist Communist Group (Groupe Communiste Internationaliste); left communist; founded in 1979 as split from ICC.    
IAF International of Anarchist Federations; founded in 1968. FA (France)  
IBRP International Bureau for the Revolutionary Party; left communist; founded in 1983. PCI-BC (Italy)  
IBT International Bolshevik Tendency; trotskyist; founded in 1982 as split from ICL. BT (USA/Canada) Tom Riley
ICC International Communist Current; left communist; founded in 1975.    
ICFI International Committee of the Fourth International; trotskyist; founded in 1972. SEP (USA) David North
ICFI2 International Committee of the Fourth International (2); trotskyist; founded 1985 as split from ICFI. WRP (GB) Sheila Torrance
ICFI3 International Committee of the Fourth International (3); formerly trotskyist; "Healyists"; founded in 1985 as split from ICFI; probably dissolved. MP (GB) Vanessa Redgrave
ICG Internationalist Communist Group; left communist; founded in 1978. GCI (Belgium)  
ICL International Communist League (Fourth Internationalist); trotskyist; "Spartacists"; founded 1974 as International Spartacist Tendency. SL (USA) James Robertson
ICMLPO[H] International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations [Hoxhaist]; stalinist; first in 1994; parties formerly linked to the Albanian Labour Party. PCMLE (Ecuador)  
ICMLPO[M] International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations [Maoist]; first in 1988. MLPD (Germany) Stefan Engel
ICS International Communist Seminar of "anti-revisionist" parties organized annually by the Belgian Labour Party (Parti du Travail de Belgique, PTB). PTB (Belgium)  
IH Humanist International; Internacional Humanista;founded in 1989; links the Humanist Parties. PH (Argentina) Mario Luis Rodríguez (Silo)
ILC International Leninist Current; split from ILCC in 1996. RKL (Austria)  
ILCC International Liason Committee of Communists; trotskyist; founded in 1991; defunct.    
ILCWI International Liaison Committee for a Workers' International; founded in 1991; influenced by SIQI. PT (France) Pierre Lambert
ILS International Libertarian Solidarity, founded in 2001 CGT (Spain)  
IMT International Marxist Tendency; Trotskyist tendency led by the group around the publication Socialist Appeal (SA) of Great Britain; split from CWI in 1992. Socialist Appeal (GB) Ted Grant
IP Internationalist Perspective.    
IS International Socialists; trotskyist; "State Capitalist". SWP (GB)  
ISF International Socialist Forum; trotskyist; split from WIRFI in 1997.   Cliff Slaughter
ISML International Struggle - Marxist-Leninist; stalinist; founded in 1996. MLKP (Turkey)  
ITC International Trotskyist Committee for the Political Regeneration of the Fourth International. RWL (USA)  
ITLT International Trotskyist Labor Tendency TLL (USA)  
ITO International Trotskyist Opposition; founded 1992; partly active inside USFI. Proposta (Italy) Fernando Grisolia
IWW Industrial Workers of the World; anarcho-syndicalist; founded in 1905. IWW (USA)  
Koorkom Co-ordination Committee For the Construction of the International Workers Party (Koorkom); founded in 1998 by LIT and other parties; dissolved in 2002.    
KPSS[OS] Communist Party of the Soviet Union; Kommunisticheskaya Partiya Sovetskogo Soyuza; founded in 2000 as split from SKP-KPSS[GS]. KPS (Russia/Belarus) Oleg Shenin
L5I League for the Fifth International; trotskyist grouping founded in 1984. WP (GB)  
LCMRCI Liaison Committee of Militants for a Revolutionary Communist International; trotskyist; founded in 1996 as split from LRCI.    
LFI League for the Fourth International; trotskyist; founded in 1998 as split from ICL(FI). Internationalist Group (USA) Jan Norden
LIT International Workers' League (4th International); Liga Internacional de los Trabajadores (IV Internacional); trotskyist; split from USFI; founded in 1982; "Morenists". PSTU (Brazil)  
LSI International Socialist League (Liga Socialista Internacional); founded 2005 as split from CITO
LTT Leninist-Trotskyist Tendency; founded in 1991; probably dissolved in late 1990s.    
MH Marxist-Humanists News&Letters (USA)  
Mov Movement (Movimiento). Grouping around Revista Movimiento f. in 2002 as split from UIT CST (Brazil)  
NCI New Communist International. Grouping of stalinist parties founded in 1995. BKP (Bulgaria)  
NELF New European Left Forum. Grouping of reform communist and left socialist parties founded in 1991. IU (Spain), PDS (Ger.), PRC (Italy), PCF (France)  
PAM Pan African Movement.    
PCI-Bol International Communist Party [Bolletino] (Partito Comunista Internazionale [Bolletino]); left communist; international party founded in 1982 as split from PCI[Il Programma Comunista].    
PCI-IC International Communist Party [Il Comunista] (Partito Comunista Internazionale [Il Comunista]); left communist; international party founded in 1982 as split from PCI[Il Programma Comunista].    
PCI-IPaC International Communist Party [Il Partito Comunista] (Partito Comunista Internazionale [Il Partito Comunista]); left communist; international party founded in 1974 as split from PCI [Il Programa Comunista].    
PCI-IPrC International Communist Party [Il Programma Comunista] (Partito Comunista Internazionale [Il Programma Comunista]); left communist; international party founded in 1954 when original Internationalist Communist Party (Partito Comunista Internazionalista) split in 1954.    
PFI Posadist Fourth International, split from TPI around 2000
n+1 n+1 review; formerly called Quaderni Internazionalisti; founded in 1984.    
PES Party of European Socialists; founded in 1992 by the social democratic parties of the European Union; (o) means observer party; (a) means associated    
PW Loose association of Marxist-Leninist Parties waging or supporting People's War; founded in 1998; grouped around the Newsletter Vanguard. CPP (Philippines), TKP/ML (Turkey), CPI-ML(PW) (India) José Maria Sison
RG Robin Goodfellow. left communist; international Group founded by majority of Communism or Civilization (Communisme ou Civilisation) in 1994.    
RIM Revolutionary Internationalist Movement. Maoist grouping founded in 1984. PCP-SL (Peru), RCP (USA) Bob Avakian
SI Socialist International. Organization of the social democratic parties founded in 1951; obs. means oberserver party; cons. means consultative party.    
SIQI International Secretariat of the Fourth International; Secrétariat International de la Quatrième Internationale; "Lambertists"; founded in 1993; forerunners were the CORQI (f. 1972) and CIRQI (f. 1982). CCI (France) Pierre Lambert
SKP-KPSS Union of Communist Parties - Communist Party of the Soviet Union; Soyuz Kommunisticheskih Partii-Kommunisticheskaya Partiya Sovetskogo Soyuza; founded in 1993 by communist parties of the  Former USSR.. KPRF (Russia) Gennadii Zyuganov
SoB Socialism or Barbarism (Socialismo o Barbarie); founded in 1998 as New Course (Nuevo Curso), split from LIT. MAS (Argentina)  
SU Parties sympathetic to the politics of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. KPSS (USSR)  
SWP Grouping of trotskyist parties around the Socialist Workers Party of the United States that split from USFI in 1990. SWP (USA) Jack Barnes
TPI Trotskyist Posadist 4th International; founded in 1962 as Fourth Internationat (International Secretariat) POR-P (Argentina) Joel Horacio
TQI Fourth Internationalist Tendency, Tendência Quarta Internacionalista    
UCI Internationalist Communist Union, Union Communiste Internationaliste. Trotskyist parties linked to the French Lutte Ouvrière. LO (France) Arlette Laguiller
UIT International Workers' Unity (Fourth International), Unidad Internacional de los Trabajadores (Quarta Internacional). Founded in 1995 by faction of LIT and the International League for the Reconstruction of the Fourth International (LIRQI). MST (Argentina), POR (Spain) Anibal Ramos, Luis Zamora
US Socialist Utopia (Utopia Socialista). SR (Italy) Dario Renzi
USFI United Secretariaft of the Fourth International; "Pabloists"; Trotskyist; founded in 1963 by the majority of the Former Fourth International. LCR (France) Alain Krivine
WIRFI Workers International to Rebuild the Fourth International. Trotskyist tendency that split from ICFI in mid-80s (mainly Workers Revolutionary Party of Cliff Slaughter) and merged with the Group of Opposition and Continuity of the Fourth International of Michel Varga in 1990. WRP (GB)   
WMR World Marxist Review. Parties represented on the editorial board of the periodical of the World Communist Movement grouped around the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Stopped publication in June 1990. KPSS (USSR)  
WSM World Socialist Movement. Links small traditional marxist parties. WSPUS (USA)  

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