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Anti-fascist Left Antifaschistische Linke   Morgenrot e-mail tro.   no part. f. 1998
Association of Revolutionary Workers' of Austria Vereinigung Revolutionärer Arbeiter Österreichs VRAÖ Widerspruch   mao. ex-Chin. no. part. f. 1968
Communist Action - Marxist-Leninist
mirror page
Kommunistische Aktion - marxistisch-leninistisch komak-ml Proletarische Rundschau e-mail stal. ICS no. part. f. 2002
Communist Initiative Kommunistische Initiative KI   e-mail com.   not existing f. 2005 as split from KPÖ, led by Otto Bruckner
Communist Party of Austria Kommunistische Partei Österreichs KPÖ Argument e-mail com. EL, ex-CI, ex-WMR 0.57% f. 1918, led by Walter Baier
Critical Circle Kritischer Kreis   Streifzüge e-mail rad. left.      
Ecological Left Ökologische Linke OEKOLI RadiX e-mail rad. left.   no. part. f. 1998
Free Workers' Union of Austria
local group
Freie ArbeiterInnen Union Österreichs FAU-Ö Die Syndikalistin e-mail anar. syn. close to AIT no. part. f. 2002
Group for Revolutionary Workers Politics Gruppe für Revolutionäre Arbeiter/innenpolitik GRA Sozialistische Perspektive e-mail tro.   not existing f. 2003 as split from AGM, led by Kurt Lhotzky
Initiative of Marxists-Leninists Initiative Marxist/innen-Leninist/innen Initiative ML   e-mail stal. close to Turlish BP/KK-T no. part. f. 1995
League of Democratic Socialists Bund Demokratischer Sozialisten BDS Internationales Freies Wort tel.: +43-222-6487293 marxist WSM no. part.  
Left Turn Linkswende   Linkswende e-mail tro. IS no. part.  
Marxist-Leninist Party of Austria Marxistisch-Leninistische Partei Österreichs MLPÖ Rote Fahne e-mail sta. ex-Chin. no. part. f. 1967
Revolutionary Communist League Revolutionär Kommunistische Liga RKL Bruchlinien e-mail ex-tro. ILC, ex-ILCC no. part. f. 1976
Social Democratic Party of Austria Sozialdemoktratischen Partei Oesterreichs SPÖ   e-mail soc. dem. IS, PES 36.90% f. 1874
Socialist Alternative Sozialistische Alternative SOAL Die Linke e-mail tro. USFI no. part. f. 1972
Socialist Left Party Sozialistische LinksPartei SLP Vorwärts e-mail tro. CWI 0.081% until 2000 Sozialistische Offensive Vorwärts
The Greens Die Grünen   Planet e-mail green EFGP 8.97% f. 1987
The Spark Der Funke   Der Funke e-mail tro. IMT no. part. active in SPÖ, split from SOV in 1994
Workers' Standpoint Group Gruppe ArbeiterInnenstandpunkt AST ArbeiterInnenstandpunkt e-mail tro. L5I no. part. f. 1985
Working Group Marxism Arbeitsgruppe Marxismus AGM Marxismus e-mail tro.   no. part. f. 1994
Parties probably disbanded
Trotskyist Group of Austria (Trotzkistische Gruppe Österreichs)

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