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Bosnia and Hercegovina

Last update: August 5, 2004

Parl. '02
Anarchist Collective "Free Krajina"       e-mail anar.   no part.  
Bosnian Greens Bosanski Zeleni       green   no part.  
Ecological Movement Ekoloski Pokret     e-mail green   no part.  
Independant Social Democratic Union Stranke Nezavisnih Socijaldemokrata SNSD   e-mail soc. dem. SI cons. 10.45% f. 1998
League of Communists - BiH Savez Komunista - BiH SK BiH   fax: +387-58-217077 com. part of Yugoslav SK-PJ no part.  
New Workers Party of the Serbian Republic Nova Radnicka Partija Republike Srpske     fax: +387-58-230774     no part. f. 1996
People's Party of Socialists Narodna Partija Socijalista NPS   fax: +387-51-315884     no part. f. 2002 as split from SPRS
Socialdemocratic Party Bosnia and Hercegovina Socijaldemokratska Partija Bosne i Hercegovine SDP-BiH   e-mail ex-com., soc. dem. SI obs. 10.35% formerly the League of Communists
Social Democratic Union   SDU     soc. dem.   not existing f. 2002 as split from SDP
Socialist Party of the Serbian Republic Socijalisticka Partija Republika Srpska SPRS   fax: +387-58-215336 left. nat. linked to SP of Yugoslavia 2.01% f. 1993
Workers-Communist Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina Radnicko-Komunisticka Partija Bosne i Hercegovine RKP BiH   e-mail com.   no part. f. 2000
Workers' Party BiH Radnicka Partija BiH     e-mail     no part.  
Workers Party of the Serbian Republic Radnicka Partija Republike Srpske RPRS   fax: +387-74-695038     no part.  
Yugoslav Left of the Serbian Republic Jugoslovenska Levica Republike Srpske JUL RS       part of Yugoslav JUL no part. alliance
Parties probably disbanded
New Comunist Party of the Serbian Republic (Nova Komunisticka Partija za Republiku Srpsku), Socialist Workers Party Bosnia and Hercegovina (Socijalisticka Radnicka Partija Bosne i Hercegovine)

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