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Parl. '03
Alternative Left Network
regional group
Réseau Alternatif de Gauche / Alternatief Links Netwerk RAGe   e-mail rad. left.   - f. 2002
Anarchist Federation - French-Speaking Belgium Regional Union Union Régionale Belgique Francophone de la Fédération Anarchiste   Alternative Libertaire e-mail anar. IAF -  
Anarcho-Syndicalist Action Anarcho Syndicalistische Werking ASW   e-mail anar.   -  
Communist Movement Mouvement Communiste   Mouvement Communiste, Lettre de Mouvement Communiste   left. com.   -  
Communist Party - Flanders Kommunistische Partij - Vlaanderen KP Agora, Vlaams Marxistisch Tijdschrift e-mail left. soc. ex-WMR, ex-CI - until 1989 part of Communist Party of Belgium (PCB/KPB)
Communist Party - Wallonia
regional organization
Parti Communiste - Wallonie PC   e-mail com. ex-WMR, ex-CI 0.17% until 1989 part of Communist Party of Belgium (PCB/KPB)
Confederated Ecologists for the Organization of Original Struggles  Ecologistes Confédérés pour l'Organisation de Luttes Originales Ecolo Imagine e-mail green EFGP 3.06% f. 1978
Green! Groen Agalev Bladgroen, Oikos e-mail green EFGP 2.47% f. 1982
Left Ecological Forum Links Ecologisch Forum LEF   e-mail left. soc.   - f. 2003, alliance of SAP, KP and LEEF
Humanist Party of Belgium Parti Humaniste de Belgique     e-mail   IH 0.0079%  
International Workers League Internationale Arbeidersliga / Ligue Internationale des Travailleurs   Presse Internationale e-mail tro. LIT -  
Internationalism Internationalisme / Internationalisme   Internationalisme / Internationalisme   left. com. ICC -  
Internationalist Communist Group  Groupe Communiste Internationaliste GCI Communisme e-mail left. com. ICG - f. 1979 as split from Internationalisme
Internationalist Perspective Perspective Internationaliste   Perspective Internationaliste e-mail left. com.   - split from ICC
Internationalist Socialist Organization Organisation Socialiste Internationaliste OSI Action Ouvrière   tro. SIQI - in MDT
Leftist Socialist Party / Movement for a Socialist Alternative Linkse Socialistische Partij / Mouvement pour une Alternative Socialiste LSP/MAS Socialistisch Links, Alternative Socialiste e-mail tro. CWI 0.045%
also on lists with PC
f. 1992 as split from Vonk
Marxist-Leninist Bloc Bloc Marxiste-Léniniste / Marxistisch-leninistisch Blok     e-mail stal.   - f. 2002
Communist Collective Aurora Communistisch Collectief Aurora     e-mail stal. close to ICMLPO[H] -  
Movement of Communists in Belgium Mouvement de Communistes en Belgique / Verbond van Communisten in België MCB/VCB La Voix du Peuple - Tribune Communiste, De Strijd - Communistische Tribune   stal.   - f. 1986
Movement of Workers' Defence Mouvement de Défense des Travailleurs MDT La Tribune des Travailleurs   tro. ILCWI 0.014%  
National Labour Confederation Confédération Nationale du Travail / Nationale Confederatie van de Arbeid CNT-B/NCA-B   e-mail anar. syn. close to ILS - f. 2003
Revolutionary Worker's Party - Trotskyist Parti Ouvrier Révolutionnaire - Trotskiste POR(T) Lutte Ouvrière e-mail tro. PFI on PC list  
Social, Progressive, International, Regionalist, Integral democratic, Future-oriented Sociaal, Progressief, Internationaal, Regionalistisch, Integraal-democratisch, Toekomstgericht spirit   e-mail Flemish left. nat. DPPE in alliance with sp.a f. 2002 by leftist faction of former People's Union (Volksunie)
Socialist Movement Mouvement Socialiste MS   e-mail left. soc.   0.12% f. 2002 as split from PS
Socialist Party Parti Socialiste PS   e-mail soc. dem. SI, PES 13.02% Wallonian wing which seperated from the former Belgian Socialist Party in 1978
Social Progressive Alternative Sociaal Progressief Alternatief sp.a   e-mail soc. dem. SI, PES 14.91%
Flemish wing which seperated from the former Belgian Socialist Party in 1978
Spark Vonk   Vonk e-mail tro. IMT   f. 1974, active in SP
Socialist Workers' Party Parti Ouvrier Socialiste / Socialistische Arbeiders Partij POS/SAP La Gauche. Rood e-mail tro. USFI on PC lists f. 1971 as Revolutionary Workers League (LRT/RAL)
The Struggle La Lutte   La Lutte   tro.   - f. 1995
Workers' Party of Belgium Parti du Travail de Belgique / Partij van de Arbeid van België PTB/PvdA Solidaire, Solidair, Cahiers Marxistes, Marxistische Studies e-mail stal., mao. ICS 0.57% f. 1970 as All the Power to the Workers (AMADA-TPO)

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