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Last update: February 28, 2005

Parl. '02
14th February Group Groupe du 14 février           no part. alliance of ADF/RDA, BSB, FFS, GDP, MTP, PAI, PDP-PS, PDSU, UDPI
African Independence Party [Ouédraogo] Parti Africain de l'Indépendance [Ouédraogo] PAI[O] L'Avant-Garde fax: +226-330260 com. ex-SU no part. f. 1963, led by Philippe Ouédraogo
Party for Democracy and Socialism Parti pour la démocratie et le socialisme PDS   fax: +226-50343404 com.   2.54% f. 2002
African Independence Party [Touré] Parti Africain de l'Indépendance [Touré] PAI[T] L'Avant-Garde tel. +226-50334666 com. ex-SU 3.81% f. 1999 as split from PAI, led by Soumane Touré, in government
Coalition of Democratic Forces Coalition des Forces Démocratiques CFD     center left.   4.62% f. 2002 by Les Verts and others
Collectif of the Democratic Mass Organizations and Political Parties Collectif des Organisations Démocratiques de Masse et de Partis Politiques COD         no part. alliance f. 1998 including Groupe du 14 février
Concertation of the Burkinabe Opposition Concertation de l'Opposition Burkinabè COB     center left.   not existing alliance of 14 parties f. 2003
Congress for Democracy and Progress Congrès pour la Démocratie et le Progrès CDP   e-mail soc. dem.   52.13% f. 1996, led by Roch Marc Christian Kaboré
Convergence for Social Democracy Convergence pour la Démocratie Sociale CDS     sankarist   not existing f. 2002 as split from UDPI, led by Djéjouma Sanon
Convergence of Hope Convergence de l'Espoir       sankarist   not existing f. 2004 as split from UNIR/MS, led by Jean-Hubert Bazié
Democratic and Popular Rally Rassemblement Démocratique et Populaire RDP   tel. +226-50360298 mod. sankarist   no part. led by Nana Thibaut
Ecological Party for the Development of Burkina Parti Écologiste pour le Développement du Burkina PEDP   tel. +226-50431025 green   not existing f. 2003, led by Yacouba Touré
Group of Patriotic Democrats Groupe des Démocrates Patriotes GDP   tel. +226-50361115     no part. led by Issa Tiendrébéogo
Movement for Tolerance and Progress Mouvement pour la Tolérance et le Progrès / Moog Teeb Panpaasgo MTP   tel. +226-50364535 mod. sankarist   see CFD f. 1987, led by Emmanuel Nayabtigungou Congo Kaboré
National Patriots' Party Parti National des Patriotes PNP   tel. +226-50344633 mod. sankarist   no part. led by Idrissou Kouanda
Party for Democracy and Progress/Socialist Party Parti pour la Démocratie et le Progrès/Parti Socialiste PDP/PS   tel. +226-50334480 soc. dem.   7.38% led by Alain Zoubga, PDP merged with PSB in 2001
Patriotic Front for Change Front Patriotique pour le Changement FPC   tel. +226-70253245 sankarist   no part. led by Tahirou Ibrahim Zon
People's Movement for Socialism / Federal Party Mouvement du Peuple pour le Socialisme / Parti Fédéral MPS/ PF   tel. +226-50365072     not existing f. 2002 as split from PDP/PS, led by Emile Paré
Rally of the Ecologists of Burkina Rassemblement des Écologistes du Burkina RDEB Ecolo Magazine tel. +226-76642955 green   not existing f. 2003 as split from the Greens, led by Ram Ouédraogo
Sankarist Democratic Front Front Démocratique Sankariste FDS     rad. sankarist   not existing f. 2004 as split from CPS, led by Fidèle Kientéga
Sankarist Panafrican Convention Convention Panafricaine Sankariste CPS   tel. +226-40457293 rad. sankarist   2.77% merger of Bloc Socialiste Burkinabè, Parti de la Démocratie Sociale Unifié and faction of FFS in 2000, led by Ernest Nongma Ouédraogo
Social Forces Front Front des Forces Sociales FFS Agir e-mail rad. sankarist   2.05% f. 1996, led by Norbert Michel Tiendrébéogo
The Greens of Burkina Les Verts du Burkina     fax: +226-363908 green FPEA see CFD f. 1991 as Union des Verts pour le Développement du Burkina (UVDB), led by Ali Kassamba
Union for Renaissance/Sankarist Movement Union pour la Renaissance/Mouvement Sankariste UNIR/MS   tel. +226-50363045 sankarist   2.58% f. 2000, led by Bénéwendé Sankara
Union of Independent Democrats and Patriots Union des Démocrates et Patriotes Indépendants UDPI   tel. +226-50 38 27 99 rad. sankarist   no part. led by Joseph Somda Manoubome
United Burkinabe Opposition Opposition Burkinabè Unie OBU     rad. left.   not existing f. 2003; alliance of MPS/PF, PSU, Parti de la Renaissance Nationale (PAREN), Convention Nationale des Démocrates Progressistes (CNDP), Parti Démocratique National (PDN)
United Socialist Party Parti Socialiste Unifié PSU   tel. +226-50312576 left. soc.   2.22% f. 2001 as split from PSB, led by Benoît Lompo
Voltaic Revolutionary Communist Party Parti Communiste Révolutionaire Voltaique PCRV Bug-Parga   stal. ex-Alb., ICMLPO[H] no part. f. 1978

Parties probably disbanded
Burkinabe Bolshevik Party (Parti Bolchévique Burkinabè), UNion of Sankarist Forces (Union des Forces Sankaristes)

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