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Last update: June 12, 2005

Parl. '04
Alliance Marxist-Leninist Alliance Marxist-Leninist   Alliance e-mail stal. IS/ML - f. 1991
Autonomy and Solidarity       e-mail anar./rad. left.   - f. 2004, network of local groups
Canadians for Peace and Socialism Canadians for Peace and Socialism   Focus On Socialism e-mail com.   - f. 1978 as split from CPC as Committee of Canadian Communists
Communist League Ligue Communiste / Communist League     e-mail tro. SWP   f. 1977 as Revolutionary Workers' League
Communist Party of Canada Communist Party of Canada / Parti Communiste du Canada CPC/PCC People's Voice, The Spark e-mail com. ex-WMR, ex-CI 0.034% f. 1921
Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) / Parti communiste du Canada (marxiste-léniniste), Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec (Parti Marxiste-Léniniste du Québec, PMLQ) CPC(ML)/ PCC(ML) The Marxist-Leninist weekly (TML) / Le Marxiste-Léniniste quotidien e-mail stal. ex-Alb. 0.067% f. 1970
De Leonist Society of Canda De Leonist Society of Canada       marxist   - split from SLP in 1978
Emile-Henry Anarchist Group Groupe Anarchiste Émile-Henry   L'Agitprop e-mail anar. NEFAC - f. 1998
FightBack FightBack   Fightback e-mail tro. IMT - until 2004 L'Humanité 
Freedom Socialist Party Freedom Socialist Party FSP Allies e-mail tro. FS -  
Friends of the IWA Friends of the IWA     e-mail anar. syn. close to AIT -  
Green Party of Canada Green Party of Canada / Parti Vert du Canada     e-mail green FGPA 4.30% f. 1983
Humanist Party Humanist Party     e-mail   IH -  
Industrial Workers of the World Industrial Workers of the World IWW Solidarity Bulletin e-mail syn. IWW - f. 1905
International Bolshevik Tendency International Bolshevik Tendency     tel. +416-461-6864 tro. IBT - f. in 1982 as split from Spartacist League
International Socialists International Socialists / Socialisme International IS/SI Socialist Worker, Résistance!, Marxism e-mail tro. IS - f. 1975
Internationalist Workers' Group other page Internationalist Workers Group / Groupe Internationaliste Ouvrier   Internationalist Notes / Notes Internationalistes e-mail left. com. IBRP - f. 2000
Maoist Internationalist Party - Kanada Maoist Internationalist Party - Kanada MIP-Kanada     mao. close to MIM-USA not existing f. 2005
New Democratic Party unofficial New Democratic Party / Nouveau Parti Démocratique NDP/NPD   e-mail soc. dem. SI 15.69% f. 1961
NDP Socialist Caucus NDP Socialist Caucus     e-mail left. soc.   current in NDP  
New Socialist Group New Socialist Group NSG New Socialist e-mail rad. left. ex-IS - f. 1995 as split from IS
Fourth International Caucus of the NSG Fourth International Caucus of the NSG     e-mail tro. USFI current in NSG tendency inside NSG, formerly Socialist Challenge
Northeastern Federation of Anarchist Communists Northeastern Federation of Anarchist Communists / Fédération des Communistes Libertaires du Nord-Est NEFAC The Northeastern Anarchist, Ruptures, Barricada e-mail anar. com.   - f. 2000
Revolutionary Communist Party (Organizing Committees) Parti Communiste Révolutionnaire (comités d'organisation) / Revolutionary Communist Party (Organizing Committees) PCR(co)/RCP(OC) Socialisme Maintenant!, Le Drapeau Rouge/The Red Flag e-mail mao. close to RIM - f. 2000 by Groupe Action Socialiste
Socialist Action Socialist Action   Socialist Action e-mail tro. USFI - f. 1994 as split from SC/GS
Socialist Alternative Socialist Alternative / Alternative Socialiste   Justice e-mail tro. CWI - f. 1986 as Labour Militant
Socialist Alternative Socialist Alternative       tro. CIR   f. 2002 as split from Socialist Alternative, led by Wendy Forrest
Socialist Equality Party Socialist Equality Party / Parti de l'Égalité Socialiste SEP/PES   e-mail tro. ICFI - f. 1992, present name since 1997
Socialist Labor Party Socialist Labor Party SLP   fax: +613-725-1949 marxist close to US-SLP -  
Socialist Party of Canada Socialist Party of Canada / Parti Socialiste du Canada SPC/PSC Socialist Fulcrum e-mail marxist WSM - f. 1931
Socialist Project       e-mail left. soc.   - f. 2000, based in Toronto
Socialist Voice     Socialist Voice e-mail tro.   - f. 2004 as split from Communist League
Trotskyist League Trotskyist League / Ligue Trotskyste   Spartacist Canada e-mail tro. ICL - f. 1975

Regional '03
Citizens Option Option citoyenne     e-mail left. soc.   not existing f. 2004, led by Françoise David
Revolutionary Front of Quebec Front Révolutionnaire du Québec FRQ La Riposte e-mail rad. left. nat.   -  
Union of Progressive Forces Union des Forces Progressistes UFP   e-mail     - alliance f. 2001 by PCQ, PDS and Rally for a Political Alternative (RAP)
Communist Party of Quebec Parti Communiste du Québec PCQ La Voix du Peuple e-mail com.     f. 1965, section of CPC
Socialist Quebec Québec Socialiste DS La Brèche Socialiste e-mail left. nat.     f. 1995 as Party of Socialist Democracy (PDS), current in UPF since 2002
Socialist Left Gauche Socialiste   La Gauche e-mail tro. USFI   f. 1983, current in DS
Parties probably disbanded
Committee for a Workers Party (Comité pour un Parti des Travailleurs), Communist Workers Group (CWG)

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