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Last update: April, 25, 2005

Parl. '01
Anarchist Core of Cyprus Anarchikos Pirinas Kyprou     e-mail anar.   no part.  
Ecological and Environmental Movement - Cyprus Green Party Kinima Oikologon Periballontiston - To Prasino Komma tis Kyprou     e-mail green EFGP 1.98% f. 1996
Left Wing Aristeri Pteruga   Socialistiki Ekfrasi e-mail tro. IMT, ex-CWI no part.  
Movement of Social Democrats Kinima Sosialdimokraton     e-mail soc. dem. SI, PES 6.51% f. 1999 by EDEK
Progressive Party of Working People Anorthotiko Komma Ergazomenou Laou AKEL Haravghi e-mail com. EL, ex-WMR 34.71% f. 1941 by Communist Party (KKK)
United Democrats Enomeni Dimokrates EDI   e-mail center left.   2.59% f. 1996 by merger of Free Democrats Movement (KED) and AKEL splinter ADISOK
Workers' Democracy Ergatiki Demokratia   Ergatiki Dimokratia e-mail tro. IS no part. f. 1980

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
Parl. '05
New Cyprus Party Yeni Kibris Partisi / Komma Nea Kypros YKP Yeni Cag e-mail rad. left.   no part. f. 1989 as split from TKP, led by Alpay Durduran
Peace and Democracy Movement Baris ve Demokrasi Hareketi BDH   e-mail     5.61% f. 2003 as alliance of TKP, KSP, BKP. Faction of TKP kept the name, led by Mustafa Akinci
Republican Turkish Party Cumhuriyetçi Türk Partisi CTP Yenidüzen e-mail left. soc. ex-SU 43.90% f. 1970, led by Mehmet Ali Talat
Socialist Liberation Party Toplumcu Kurtulus Partisi TKP Ortam e-mail soc. dem.   2.33% f. 1976, led by Hüseyin Angolemli
Socialist Party of Cyprus Kibris Sosialist Partisi KSP Kibris'ta Sosialist Gercek e-mail stal.   no part. f. 2002, led by Mehmet Süleymanoglu
United Cyprus Party Birlesik Kibris Partisi BKP Birlesik Kibris e-mail com.   on TKP list f. 2002, led by Izzet Izcan

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