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Last update: April 25, 2005

Parl. '05
Anarchist Federation Den Anarkistiske Føderation     e-mail anar.   no part. f. 2002
Association of Union Opposition - Syndicalists Fagoppositionens Sammenslutning - Syndikalisterne FS-Syndikalisterne Direkte Aktion e-mail anar. syn.   no part. f. 1998 by Syndicalist Initiative
Communist Party in Denmark Kommunistisk Parti i Danmark KPiD Kommunist, Ny Tid e-mail com.   no part. split from DKP in 1990
Communist Party of Denmark/Marxists-Leninists Danmarks Kommunistiske Parti/Marxister-Leninister DKP/ML Dagbladet Arbejderen e-mail stal. ex-Alb., ICS no part. f. 1978
Friends of the IWA         anar.syn. close to AIT no part. f. 2003
Green Democrats Grønne Demokrater   GrønDemokraten e-mail green   no part. alliance f. 2002 of SOL, The Greens, centrist Democratic Renewal and rightist Justice League
Grassroots Party Solidarity Alternative Græsrodspartiet Solidarisk Alternativ SOL   e-mail rad. left.   no part. f. 1993
The Greens De Grønne     e-mail green EFGP no part. f. 1983
Humanist Party Det Humanistiske Parti     e-mail   IH no part. f. 1984
International Socialists Internationale Socialister   Socialistisk Arbejderavis e-mail tro. IS no part.  
International Trotskyist Opposition       e-mail tro. CRFI, ITO no part. faction of SAP
Minority Party Minoritetspartiet   Solen e-mail humanist   0.26%  
Organization of Revolutionary Anarchists Organisationen af Revolutionære Anarkister ORA     anar.   no part. f. 1973
Social Democracy Socialdemokratiet SD Socialdemokraten e-mail soc. dem. SI, PES 25.84% f. 1871
Socialist People's Party Socialistisk Folkeparti SF Folkesocialisten e-mail left. soc. NELF 5.99% f. 1958 as split from DKP
Socialist Standpoint Socialistisk Standpunkt   Socialist Standpoint e-mail tro. IMT no part. until 2000 Socialisten
Syndicalists - Danish Syndicalist Network Syndikalisterne - Dansk Syndikalistiskt Nätverk     e-mail anar. syn. close to SAC (Sweden) no part. f. 2002
Unity List - The Red-Greens Enhedslisten - De Rød-Grønne   Rød-Grønne Linjer e-mail rad. left. EACL 3.40% alliance of DKP, SAP and VS f. 1989
Active Socialist Forum Aktivt Socialistisk Forum ASF Aktiv Socialisme e-mail tro.   supp. Unity List split from IS in 1996
Communist Party of Denmark Danmarks Kommunistiske Parti DKP Skub e-mail com. ex-CI, ex-WMR supp. Unity List f. 1919; active in Unity List
Left Socialists Venstresocialisterne VS Solidaritet e-mail rad. left.   supp. Unity List f. 1967 as split from SF; active in Unity List
Socialist Workers' Party Socialistisk Arbejderparti SAP Socialistisk Information e-mail tro. USFI supp. Unity List f. 1980; active in Unity List
Workers' Communist Party Arbejderpartiet Kommunisterne APK Kommunistisk Politik, Oktober e-mail stal. ICMLPO[H] no part. split of DKP/ML as Oktober in 1997
Parties probably disbanded
Forum for a Workers Politics (Forum for en Arbejderpolitik), Group of International Communists (Internationale Kommunisters Gruppe, IKG)

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