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Parl. '02
Alternative of the Militant / Socialism for the People Alternative du Militant / Socialisme Pour le Peuple ADM/SSP Unité Sociale e-mail rad. left.   -  
Anarchist Coordination Coordination Anarchiste   Le Libertaire e-mail anar.   - f. as split from Union des Anarchistes
Anarchist Federation Fédération Anarchiste FA Le Monde Libertaire e-mail anar. IAF - f. 1953
Association for a Republican Left Association pour une Gauche Républicaine AGR   e-mail left. nat.   - f. 2002 as split from MSC
Balance and Perspectives Bilan et Perpectives   Bilan et Perpectives, other page e-mail left. com.   - f. 2000
Bolshevik Group Groupe Bolchevik   Revolution Socialiste e-mail tro. CCITP - f. 2001 as split from Militant Regroupement..., led by Marie-Laure Herblot
Circle for the Construction of the Revolutionary Workers Party, of the Revolutionary Workers International Cercle pour la Construction du Parti Ouvrier Révolutionnaire, de l'Internationale Ouvrière Révolutionnaire CCPOR Combattre pour le Socialisme   tro.   - f. 1984 as split from PCI, led by Olivier Lestang
Committee for the Construction of the Revolutionary Workers' Party (the construction of the Revolutionary Workers International) Comité pour la Construction du Parti Ouvrier Révolutionnaire, (la Construction de l'Internationale Ouvrière Révolutionnaire)   Combattre pour le Socialisme e-mail tro   - f. 1997 as split from CCPOR (Circle...), led by Hélène Bertrand
Public Faction "Fighting for Socialism" Fraction Publique "Combattre pour le Socialisme"     e-mail tro.     internal current f. 2003
Committee for the Continuation of Communism and to Forge the Communist Party of France Comité pour la Continuation du Communisme et Pour forger le Parti Communiste de Francee CCCP/PCF La Vérité   stal.   -  
Communist Collective Offensive Resistance Collectif Communiste Résistance Offensive   Résistance Offensive   stal.   - split from NAC
Communist League Ligue Communiste     e-mail tro. SWP - f. 1999
Communist Militant Militant Communiste   Militant Communiste e-mail stal.   not existing f. 2002
Communist Movement Mouvement Comuniste   Mouvement Comuniste, Lettre de Mouvement Communiste   left. com.   -  
Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) Parti Communiste (marxiste-léniniste-maoïste)   Etoile Rouge e-mail mao.   not existing f. 2002
Communist Party of France (Maoist) Parti Communiste de France (maoïste) PCF(M) Le Drapeau Rouge e-mail mao.      
Comunist Struggle Union Union de Lutte Communiste ULC Germinal          
Communist Theory Théorie Communiste   Théorie Communiste e-mail left. com.   - f. 1975
Communist Union (trotskyist), [Workers Struggle]  Union Communiste (trotskyste), [Lutte Ouvrière] LO Lutte Ouvrière e-mail tro. UCI 1.20%, 554 cand. f. 1940
Faction of Workers Struggle Fraction de Lutte Ouvrière   Étincelle, Convergences Révolutionnaires e-mail tro.     current inside LO
Communists Communistes   Communistes e-mail com.   0.0010%, 2 cand. f. 2000 as split from PCF
Communists in Struggle for the Building of a Marxist-Leninist Party in France Communistes en Lutte pour la Construction en France d'un Parti Marxiste-Léniniste   Communistes en Lutte, Cahiers du Bolchévisme e-mail stal.   -  
Coordination of Anarchist Groups Coordination des Groupes Anarchistes CGA   e-mail anar.   - f. 2002 as split from FA
Counter-attack La Riposte   La Riposte e-mail tro. SA, ex-CWI - f. 1982 as Socialist Advance
Ecology Generation Generation Ecologie     e-mail right. green   0.27%, 338 cand. f. 1990, led by Brice Lalonde
Exchanges and Movement  Echanges et Mouvement   Echanges e-mail left. com.   - international grouping, f. 1975
Federation of the Circles "Marxism Today" Fédération des Cercles "Le Marxisme aujourd'hui"   Le Marxisme aujourd'hui e-mail tro.   - f. 1990 as split from PCI
French Communist Party  Parti Communiste Français PCF Humanité, Regards e-mail com. NELF, EL, ex-WMR, ex-CI 4.82%, 487 cand. f. 1920
Communist Refounders Réfondateurs Communistes   Futurs e-mail left. soc.      
Communist Regroupment Regroupement Communiste   Regroupement Communiste e-mail stal.     f. 1980s
Communist Resistances Résistances Communistes   Résistances Communistes e-mail com.     f. 1998
Facts and Analysis Faits et Analyses   Faits et Analyses e-mail com.      
Glaring Reds Rouges Vifs   Rouges Vifs e-mail com.   0.0044%, 1 Cand.  
New Communist Left / Popular Association for Mutual Aid Nouvelle Gauche Communiste / Association Populaire d’Entraide   Militant, Praxis, Promethée e-mail tro.   0.0090%, 1 cand. both groups were f. 1997 and merged in 2005
Pole of Communist Renaissance in France Pôle de Renaissance Communiste en France PRCF Initiative Communiste, Étincelles e-mail rad. left. ICS 0.0057%, 3 cand. split from Communist Coordination in 1999
Reconstruct the PCF Reconstruire le PCF RPCF Combat e-mail com.     f. 2001
The Militant  Le Militant   Praxis, Le Militant e-mail rad. left.     f. 1997
Group for a Libertarian Socialism       e-mail rad. left. US -  
Guevarist Movement Mouvement Guévariste     e-mail rad. left.     f. 2004
Henri Barbusse Circle of Workers' and Popular Culture Cercle Henri Barbusse de Culture Ouvrière et Populaire       stal. ICS -  
Humanist Party Parti Humaniste   L'Humaniste e-mail   IH 0.000053%, 4 cand. f. 1984
Independent Ecological Movement Mouvement Ecologiste Independant MEI La Lettre des écologistes e-mail green   0.36%, 252 cand. split from the Greens in 1993; led by Antoine Waechter
International Communist Current Courant Communiste International CCI Révolution Internationale   left. com. ICC - f. 1968
International Communist Group Groupe Communiste International GCI Communisme   left. com. ICC -  
International Communist Party [Cahiers Internationalistes] Parti Communiste International [Cahiers Internationalistes]   Cahiers Internationalistes   left. com. PCI-IPrC - f. 1982
International Communist Party [La Gauche Communiste] Parti Communiste International [La Gauche Communiste]   La Gauche Communiste e-mail left. com. PCI-IPaC - f. 1982
International Communist Party [Programme Communiste] Parti Communiste International [Programme Communiste]   Programme Communiste, Le Prolétaire   left. com. PCI-IC - f. 1962
Internationalist Group Groupe Internationaliste       tro. LFI - f. 1998 as split from LTF
Internationalist Revolutionary Communist Group Groupe Communiste Revolutionnaire Internationaliste Groupe CRI Le cri des travailleurs e-mail tro.   not existing f. 2003 as split from PT
Internationalist Socialist Group Groupe Socialiste Internationaliste GSI L'Internationaliste e-mail tro. LIT   f. 1992 as split from La Commune
La Commune Group Groupe "La Commune"   La Commune e-mail tro. UIT   f. 1992 as split from CCI
Liaisons Liaisons   Lettre de Liaisons e-mail rad. left.     f. 2001
Libertarian Alternative  Alternative Libertaire   Alternative Libertaire e-mail anar. ILS - f. 1991 by Union of Libertarian Communist Workers (UTCL)
Libertarian and Social Offensive Offensive Libertaire et Sociale OLS Offensive e-mail anar.     f. 2003
Libertarian Communist Organization Organisation Communiste Libertaire OCL Courant alternatif e-mail anar. com. ILS - f. 1976
Marxist-Leninist Communist Organization-Proletarian Way Organisation Communiste Marxiste-Léniniste-Voie Prolétarienne OCML-VP Partisan, La Cause du Communisme e-mail mao. ICMLPO[M] -  
Militant Regroupment for the Construction of the Revolutionary Workers Party, for the Construction of the Revolutionary Workers International Regroupement Militant pour la Construction du Parti Ouvrier Révolutionnaire, pour la Construction de l'Internationale Ouvrière Révolutionnaire   Pour le Socialisme   tro.   - f. 1999 as split from original CCPOR, led by Pierre Salvaing
National Labour Confederation Confédération Nationale du Travail CNT Le Combat Syndicaliste e-mail anar. syn. ex-AIT - f. 1946
National Labour Confederation - 2nd Regional Union Confédération Nationale du Travail - 2ème Union Régionale CNT-2ème UR Bulletin d'Information e-mail anar. syn.   - f. 1977 as split from CNT
National Labour Confederation - International Workers Association Confédération Nationale du Travail - Association Internationale des Travailleurs CNT-AIT   e-mail anar. syn. AIT - f. 1993 as split from other CNT
Group of Anarcho-Syndicalist Action and Reflection Groupement d'Action et de Réflexion Anarchosyndicaliste GARAS Lettre de Liaison   anar. syn.   - f. 2002
No Pasaran Network Réseau No Pasaran   No Pasaran e-mail anar. ILS - f. 1992, network of local anti-racist and anti-fascist groups
Occitanian Revolutionary Current Courant Révolutionnaire Occitan CROC     left. nat.   -  
Political Organization Organisation Politique   La Distance Politique e-mail rad. left.   - f. 1983, rest of Union of Marxist-Leninist Communists of France (UCFML)
Radical Party of the Left  Parti Radical de Gauche PRG   e-mail center left.   1.54%, 52 cand. f. 1972 as Movement of Radicals of the Left (MRG)
Republican Initiative Initiative Républicaine IR   e-mail left. nat.   - f. 1992
Republican and Citizens Movement Mouvement Républicain et Citoyen MRC   e-mail left. soc. nat.   1.19%, 400 cand.
(Republican Pole)
f. 2003
Revolutionary Communist League Ligue Communiste Révolutionnaire LCR Rouge, Critique Communiste e-mail tro. USFI 1.27%, 435 cand. f. 1969 as Communist League
Arguments for Socialism Arguments pour le Socialisme   Arguments for Socialism e-mail tro.     f. 2003
Avanti!     Bulletin Avanti! e-mail tro. SoB   f. 2002
Ecological libertarian and radical social democratic Sensibility Sensibilité écologiste libertaire et radicalement sociale-démocrate SELS           split from Greens
International Socialism Socialisme International   Socialisme International e-mail tro. ex-IS   split from Socialisme International in 1997
Militant Debate Debat Militant   Debat Militant e-mail tro.     f. 2001 mainly by former VdT members
R! Tendency Tendance R!       tro      
Socialism from Below Socialisme par en bas SPEB L'Étincelle email tro IS - f. as Socialisme International in 1982, current in LCR since 2004
Workers' Power Pouvoir Ouvrier PO Pouvoir Ouvrier e-mail tro L5I - f. 1984, dissolved in 2003
Workers Voice Voix des Travailleurs VdT Bulletin de Tendance e-mail tro.     split from LO in 1997
Revolutionary Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) Parti Communiste Révolutionnaire (Marxiste-Léniniste)     e-mail stal.      
Revolutionary Communist Party (Trotskyist) Parti Communiste Révolutionnaire (Trotskyiste) PCR-T Lutte Communiste   tro. PFI - f. 1962 as split from PCI
Revolutionary Left Gauche Révolutionnaire GR L'Égalité e-mail tro. CWI   refounded in 2001
Revolutionary Socialist Collective Collectif Socialiste Révolutionnaire CSR   e-mail rad. left.   not existing f. 2003
Revolutionary Workers Ferment Ferment Ouvrier Révolutionnaire FOR   e-mail rad. left. FOR - f. 1959
Robin Goodfellow Robin Goodfellow   Communisme ou Civilisation e-mail left. com. RG - until 1994 Communism or Civilization
Social and Libertarian Offensive Offensive Libertaire et Sociale OLS   e-mail anar.   -  
Social Ecology Écologie Sociale   Arguments, La Lettre d'Ecologie sociale e-mail left. green   - f. 2000
Socialist Democracy Démocratie Socialiste     e-mail rad. left. close to British SPGB -  
Socialist Party
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Parti Socialiste PS   e-mail soc. dem. SI, PES 24.11%, 457 cand. f. 1905
Club of the Socialist Left Club de la Gauche Socialiste   La tête à gauche   left. soc.     f. 2003, led by Julien Dray
Democracy & Socialism Démocratie & Socialisme D&S Démocratie & Socialisme e-mail left. soc.     current inside PS
For a New Socialist Party Pour un Nouveau Parti Socialiste     e-mail left. soc.     current inside PS
Militant Forces, Democracy in Movement Forces Militantes, la Démocratie en Mouvement   La Lettre des Forces Militantes e-mail left. soc.     current inside PS, f. 2003, led by Marc Dolez
New Left Nouvelle Gauche   Engagements e-mail left. soc.     current inside PS
New World Nouveau Monde   A Gauche e-mail left. soc.     current inside PS, formerly Socialist Left
Social Republic Club Club République Sociale     e-mail rad. left.     f. 1997
Socialism & Democracy Socialisme & Démocratie S&D La lettre de Socialisme et démocratie e-mail soc. dem.     current inside PS
Socialist Revolutionary Alternative Alternative Revolutionnaire Socialiste ARS Combat e-mail tro.   - f. 2001
Syndicalist-Revolutionary Current Courant Syndicaliste-Révolutionnaire   Syndicaliste! e-mail anar. syn.   - f. 1998
The Alternatives Les Alternatifs   rouge & vert e-mail rad. left.   0.093%, 72 cand. merger of Red and Green Alternative (AREV) and Convention for a Progressive Alternative (CAP)
The Greens - Ecological Confederation - Ecological Party Les Verts - Confédération écologiste - Parti Ecologiste Les Verts Vert Contact e-mail green EFGP 4.51%, 443 cand. f. 1984
The Program of the Communist Society Le programme de la société communiste   Programme de la révolution communiste   left. com.   - formerly the Groupe Communiste Mondial
The Red Bee L'Abeille Rouge   Bulletin l'Abeille Rouge e-mail rad. left.   - f. 1986
Trotskyist Group for the Reconstruction of the IVth International Groupe Trotskiste pour la Reconstruction de la IVe Internationale   Toute La Vérité   tro.   - f. 1986 as split from PCI
Trotskyist League of France Ligue Trotskyste de France LTF Le Bolchevik   tro. ICL - f. 1975
Union of Anarchists Union des Anarchistes UA Nouvelles Libertaires e-mail anar.   - f. 1978 as split from FA
Union of Revolutionaries-Communists of France Union des Révolutionnaires-Communistes de France URCF Intervention Communiste e-mail stal. ICS 0.00034%, 1 cand. f. 2004 by Communist Coordination, led by Jean-Luc Sallé
World Communist Group Groupe Communiste Mondial   Le Programme de la Révolution Communiste   left. com.   -  
Workers Communist Party of the France Parti Communiste des Ouvriers de France PCOF La Forge, Théorie et Pratique e-mail stal. ICMLPO[H], ex-Alb. - f. 1979
Workers' Party Parti des Travailleurs PT Informations Ouvrières e-mail tro. ILCWI 0.17%, 193 cand. f. 1991
Communist Encounters Rencontres Communistes   Résistances Communistes e-mail com.     led by Jean-Charles Marquiset
Internationalist Communist Current Courant Communiste Internationaliste CCI La Lettre de La Verité, La Vérité   tro. SIQI current in PT leading current in PT, f. 1992 by Internationalist Communist Party (PCI)
Socialist, Lay and Republican Convention Convention Socialiste, Laïque et Républicaine   Réflexions e-mail soc.   current in PT led by Georges Hoffmann
Union of Anarcho-Syndicalists Union des Anarcho-Syndicalistes   L'Anarcho-syndicaliste e-mail anar.   current in PT f. 1975 by Groupe Fernand Pelloutier

Basque Region
Basque People's Greens Euskal Herriko Berdeak       green, basque nat.   -  
Basque Solidarity Eusko Alkartasuna EA     soc. dem. nat.   - French wing of EA in Spain
Basque Union Euskal Batasuna EB     left. nat.   -  
For the Country Herriaren Alde     fax: +33-559461018 left. nat.   -  
Left Patriotic Movement Ezkerreko Mugimendu Abertzalea / Mouvement Patriote de Gauche EMA     basque left. nat.   - f. 1988
Patriotic Unity Abertzaleen Batasuna       basque left. nat.   0.030%, 3 Cand. f. 1998, alliance of EMA, EB, AH, EA
Those from the North Iparretarrak       basque left. nat.   - f. 1973; pol.-mil.

Battle - Mouvement of the Independentist Left Emgann - Mouvement de la Gauche Indépendantiste   Combat Breton e-mail rad. left. nat.   - f. 1982
Breton Democratic Union Union Démocratique Bretonne UDB Peuple Breton / Pobl Vreizh e-mail left. nat. DPPE - f. 1964
Breton Nationalist Movement Emsav Broadelour Brezhon EBB   e-mail left. nat.   -  
Britanny Freedom Liberté Bretagne / Frankiz Breizh     e-mail left. nat.   - f. 1984 as split from UDB
Independent and Libertarian Britanny Coordination Coordination Bretagne Indépendante et Libertaire CBIL Le Huchoèr e-mail anar.   -  

Catalan Bloc Bloc Català     e-mail centre left. nat.   - f. 2002, led by Gérard Tarrius
Catalonian Unity Unité Catalane / Unitat Catalana UC   e-mail left. nat.   - f. 1986
Republican Left of Catalonia- Regional Federation of North Catalonia
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Gauche Républicaine de Catalogne - Fédération Régionale de la Catalogne du Nord / Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya - Federació Regional Catalunya-Nord ERC El Full e-mail left. nat. DPPE - part of Spanish ERC

Regional '04 Parl. '02 % of Corsican vote
Corsican National Rally Accolta Naziunale Corsa / Rassemblement National Corse ANC A Fiara e-mail left. nat.   see Indipendenza 0.48%
1 cand.
f. 1989 as split from A Cuncolta
Resistenza Resistance       left. nat.   illegal   f. 1989 as split from FLNC(Canal Historique), armed wing of ANC
Independence Indipendenza     e-mail left. nat.   12.14% for alliance Unione Naziunale - f. 2001 by merger of Corsa Viva, U Cullevittu Naziunale, Associu Per A Suvranità and A Cuncolta Independentista
Corsica Nation Corsica Nazione   U Ribombu e-mail left. nat.   - - f. 1991, electoral wing of A Cuncolta
National Liberation Front of Corsica [Union of the Fighters] Fronte di Liberazione Naziunale di a Corsica / Front de Libération Nationale de la Corse [Union des Combattants] FLNC U Ribellu   left. nat.   illegal - armed wing of A Cuncolta, f. 1976, split in 1990s, merger of FLNC(Canal Historique), FLNC du 5 Mai, Fronte Ribellu and Clandestinu in 2000
Movement for Corsica Mouvement pour la Corse       center left.   4.38% for Génération Corsica - led by Toussaint Luciani
Movement of the National Left Muvimentu di a Manca Naziunale   A Stantara e-mail rad. left. nat.   0.58% for Unità Pupulare 0.80%
4 cand.
f. 1998
National Liberation Front of Corsica [of 22nd October] Front de Libération Nationale de la Corse [du 22 Octobere]       left. nat.   -   f. 2002, pol.-mil.
National Presence Presenza Naziunale   Battifocu e-mail left. nat.   - - f. 2000
Corsican Army Armata Corsa       left. nat.   illegal - f. 1999, armed wing of Presenza Naziunale, split from FLNC
National Renovation Rinnovu Naziunale Rinnovu   e-mail left. nat.   2.19% - f. 1999
Party of the Call Partitu di a Chjama       left. nat.   see Manca Naziunale - f. 2003
Party of the Corsican Nation Partitu di a Nazione Corsa PNC Aritti e-mail left. nat. DPPE see Indipendenza 4.54%
4 Cand.
f. 2002 by UPC-Scelta Nova and Mossa Naziunale
Social Democratic Corsica Corse Sociale Démocrate       soc. dem.   5.80% 7.55%
2 cand.
f. 2000 as split from PS
Socialist Party for Independence Partitu Sucialistu per l’Indipendenza PSI   e-mail     see Indipendenza   f. 2003
The National Call A Chjama Naziunale       left. nat.   see Indipendenza - f. 2003, led by Edmond Simeoni
Unity Unità       left. nat.   not existing - f. 2000, alliance of Indipendenza, ANC, Greens and A Chjama

Equality Para(t)ge Mar, Ròse e Monts     e-mail left. nat. allied to Italian Paratge -  
Libertarian Occitania Occitania Libertaria       anar. com.   -  
Occitan Nation Party Partit de la Nacion Occitana PNO Lo Lugarn e-mail centre left. nat.   - f. 1959
Occitan Party Partit Occitan   Occitania e-mail left. nat. DPPE 0.039%, 42 cand. f. 1987
Occitanian Revolutionary Current Courant Révolutionnaire Occitan / Corrent Revolucionari Occitan CROC   e-mail rad. left. nat.   - f. 1995 by CROC, Patriòtas Occitans and Occitània Libertat
We go to the Fight - Revolutionary Movement of the Occitanian Left Anaram Au Patac - Movement Revolucionari de l´Esquerra Occitana   Har/Far e-mail rad. left. nat.   - f. 1994
Our Land País Nòstre     e-mail left. nat.   -  
Parties probably disbanded
Anarchist Workers' Alliance (Alliance Ouvrière Anarchiste, AOA), Appeal of Internationalist Revolutionary Communists (Appel des Communistes Révolutionnaires Internationalistes, ACRI), Association for a Workers' Rally (Association pour un Regroupement des Travailleurs), Civic Ecology (Ecologie Citoyenne), For a Communist Alternative (Pour une Alternative Communiste, PAC), Revolutionary Links Circle (Cercle Liaisons Révolutionnaires)

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