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Last update: October 5, 2005

Parl. '01
African Forum for Reconstruction Forum Africain pour la Réconstruction FAR     soc. dem.   0.30% f. 1992; originally an alliance of USG, PSG and MORENA-originel
Association for Socialism in Gabon Association pour le Socialisme au Gabon APSG         0.11% f. 1990, led by Albert Nze Ntoutoume
Gabonese Party of Progress Parti Gabonais du Progrès PGP Le Progressiste   soc. dem. SI cons. 2.50% f. 1990, led by Pierre Louis Agondjo Okawe
Gabonese Socialist Union Union Socialiste Gabonaise USG     soc. dem.   0.67% led by Serge Mba Bekalé
Movement of National Regeneration - Original Mouvement de Redressement National Originel MORENA Originel Misamu   soc. dem.   0.41% for all factions f. 1990 as split from MORENA, split in three factions in 1999 (Zé Mémini, Molière Boutamba, Toung Ondo)
Movement of National Regeneration - Unionist Mouvement de Redressement National Unioniste MORENA Unioniste         0.42% for both factions f. 1992 as split from Morena Originel; split in two factions (Nguema and Eya Mvey)
National Woodcutters Movement - Democratic Rassemblement National des Bûcherons - Démocratique RNB-D         0.81% f. in 1998 as split from RNB, led by Pierre André Kombila Koumba
National Woodcutters Movement - Rally for Gabon Rassemblement National des Bûcherons - Rassemblement Pour le Gabon RNB-RPG Le Bûcheron, La Clé, Le Scorpion Fax: +241-730713     8.10% founded in 1991 as National Woodcutters Rally (Rassemblement National des Bûcherons, RNB) by MORENA faction
Social Democratic Party Parti Social Démocrate PSD         0.74% led by Pierre-Claver Maganga Moussavou
Socialist Emancipation Movement of the People Mouvement d'Émancipation Socialiste du Peuple MESP         3 votes led by Mouang Mbading

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