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Last update: April 10, 2004

Regional '04
Convoy for the National Liberation of Guadeloupe Konvwa pou Libérasyon Nasyonal Gwadloup / Convoi pour la libération nationale de la Guadeloupe KLNG     left. nat.   no part. f. 1997, led by Luc Reinette
Guadeloupe Respect Guadeloupe Respect           on list with UPLG led by Jean Laguerre
Guadeloupian Communist Party Parti Communiste Guadeloupéen PCG Nouvelles Étincelles e-mail com. FSP, ex-WMR, ICS on list with UPLG f. 1944 as section of French PCF, indep. since 1958
Guadeloupian Democratic Progressive Party Parti Progressiste Démocratique Guadeloupéen PPDG Rénovation   left. soc.   on list with PS f. 1991 as split from PCG
Movement for a Peasants and Workers Party   MPTPG L'Alliance Ouvrière & Paysanne e-mail tro. ILCWI no part. formerly the Workers' and Peasants Alliance (AOP)
Popular Union for the Liberation of Guadeloupe Union Populaire pour la Libération de la Guadeloupe UPLG Lendépendans   left. nat. FSP 3.94% for alliance Alternative Citoyenne f. 1978
Guadeloupian Movement Mouvman Gwadloupéyen   Mouvman   left. nat.   - f. 1997
Socialist Federation of Guadeloupe Fédération Socialiste de Guadeloupe PS   e-mail soc. dem. SI 44,29% for joint list with PPDG and GUSR section of French PS
Socialist Renewal Renouveau Socialiste       soc. dem.   5.48% f. 2003, led by Daniel Marsin
Socialist Revolution Group Groupe Révolution Socialiste GRS Révolution Socialiste   tro. USFI no part. based mainly in Martinique
The Greens Les Verts       green section of French Greens 2.89%  
United Guadeloupe, Socialism and Realities Guadeloupe Unie, Socialisme et Réalités GUSR     soc. dem.   on list with PS f. 1992 as split from PS, led by Dominique Larifla
Workers' Struggle Combat Ouvrier   Combat Ouvrier e-mail tro. UCI 1.18% f. 1971

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