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Parl. '04
African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde Partido Africano da Independência da Guiné e Cabo Verde PAIGC Unidade e Luta     ex-SU 33.79% f. 1956, led by João Bernardo Viera
Democratic Social Front Frente Democratica Social              
Electoral Union União Eleitoral           4.36% f. 2002, alliance of PSD, LIPE, PSG and Partido da Renovação e Progresso
Guinean Civic Forum/Social Democracy Fórum Cívico Guineense/Social Democracia FCG/SD       ex-SU 1.00% led by Antonieta Rosa Gomes
Guinean League for Ecological Protection Liga Guineense de Protecçao Ecológica LIPE   e-mail   FPEA in União Eleitoral f. 1991, led by Abubacar Rachid Djaló
Guinean People's Party Partido Popular Guineense PPG         in APU led by João Tátis Sá
Guinean Socialist Democratic Party Partido Democrático Socialista Guineense PDSG           f. 2000, led by João Seco Mané
Party of Solidarity and Labour Partido da Solidariedade e Trabalho PST           led by Iancuba Injai
People's Manifest Party Partido Manifesto do Povo           0.80% led by Faustino Fudut Imbali
Social Democratic Party Partido Social Democratico PSD         in União Eleitoral led by Joaquim Baldé
Socialist Alliance of Guinea Alianca Socialista da Guiné ASG         in APU f. 2000, led by Fernando Gomes
Socialist Party of Guinea-Bissau Partido Socialista da Guine-Bissau PS-GB         0.29% led by Cirílo Vieira
United People's Alliance Aliança Popular Unida APU         1.38% alliance of ASG and PPG
United Social Democratic Party Partido Unido Social Democrata PUSD         17.28% led by Francisco José Fadul

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