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Last update: July 23, 2004

Parl. '03
Arab Movement for Change   Ta'al NEDA e-mail Palestinian nat.   on Hadash list f. 1996, led by Ahmed Tibi
Communist Party of Israel Miflagah ha-Komunistit ha-Yisre'elit / al-Hizb al-Shuyu'i al-Isra'ili MAKI Zo ha-Derekh, Al-Ittihad e-mail left. soc. ex-CI, ex-WMR on Hadash list f. 1919, called New Communist List (RAKAH) after split from MAKI in 1965
Convenant of Equality Brit Shivyon / Harakat Mithaq al-Musawah   Al-Bayan fax: +972-4-9861173 rad. left.   in NDA f. 1992
Democratic Front for Peace and Equality Arab page Hazit Demokratit le-Shalom ule-Shivyon / Jabhah al-Dimuqratiyah lil Salam wal-Musawah HADASH   e-mail     2.98% f. 1977, alliance dominated by RAKAH
Green Leaf Party Aleh Yarok     e-mail green, zionist   1.20%  
Green Party Ha-Yerukim     e-mail green, zionist   0.41% f. 1997
In Defence of Marxism       e-mail tro. IMT - f. 2003 as split from Socialist Workers League
Israeli Communist Forum       e-mail com.   - split from RAKAH in 1999
Israel Labour Party other page Mifleget ha-'Avodah ha-Yi'sre'elit Avodah   e-mail soc. dem., zionist SI, PES(o) 14.46%
with Meimad
f. 1930
Militants for the IVth International         tro.   - f. 2000
National Democratic Assembly Tajammu' al-Watani al-Dimuqrati NDA / Balad   e-mail left. palest. nat.   2.26% f. 1996
One People Am Ehad     e-mail soc. dem., zionist   1.94% f. 1999
Organization for Democratic Action Munazzamat al-'Amal al-Dimuqrati ODA / Da'am Al-Sabar, Challenge, Etgar e-mail rad. left.   0.061% f. 1995
Social Democratic Israel Yisrael Hevratit Demokratit Yachad/Together   e-mail soc. dem., zionist SI, PES(o) Meretz: 5.21% f. 2003 by Meretz and others
Socialist Struggle Ma'avak Sotsyalisti   Ha-Ma'avak e-mail tro. CWI no part.  
Socialist Workers League     Al-Nashet / Ha-Pail / The Militant e-mail tro. CRFI - f. 2001
Sons of the Country Movement Harakat Abna' al-Balad   Al-Raya e-mail left. palest. nat.   boykott f. 1969
Spark Iskra     e-mail tro. IMT - f. by Russian immigrants
Trotskyist Group     The Letter of the Fourth International   tro.   - active in Action Committee for a Democratic Secular Republic
Parties probably disbanded
Al-Ansar, Israeli Socialist Left (Shasi)

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