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Last update: July 1, 2004

Parl. '02
Anti-Capitalist Convergence of the Kenya   ACCK     anar.   no part. f. 2002
Front for Popular Change   FPC     left. soc.   not existing f. 2004
Green African Party   GAP     green   0.040%, 4 cand.  
Kenya National Democratic Alliance   Kenda   tel. +254-562304     in NARC and 4 cand. outside: 0.019% f. 1989
Kenya Social Congress   KSC         0.093%, 4 cand. f. 1990 as Kenya National Congress
Kenya Socialist Democratic Alliance   KSDA The Kenyan Socialist e-mail tro. close to CWI - f. 1998
Kenya Socialist Party   KSP         no part.  
Labour Party Democracy   LPD         no part. f. 1992
Labour Party of Kenya   LPK         in NARC and 5 cand. outside: 0.18%  
Mazingira Green Party         green   in NARC  
National Labour Party   NLP         0.58%, 18 cand.  
National Rainbow Coalition   NARC     centre   50.91% f. 2002, alliance
New People's Democratic Party             no part.  
Party of Citizens Chama cha Mwananchi           not existing f. 2003
People's Party of Kenya   PPK   tel. +254-313032     0.032%, 6 cand. f. 1996
Poor Mans's Liberation Front Masikini Liberation Front           not existing f. 2004
Social Democratic Party   SDP         one faction in NARC
3.25%; 96 cand.
f. 1992, split in two factions
World Socialist Movement   WSM       WSM no part.  
Parties probably disbanded
Party of the Proletariat and Peasants (PPP)

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