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Parl. '04
Answer of the Comoros Djawabu ya Komori       left. nat.     f. 1999, led by Youssouf Said
Comoran Labour and Progress Party Parti Comorien du Travail et du Progrès PCTP Mayesha Bora         led by Mohamed Ali Diguera
Democratic Front of the Comoros Front Démocratique des Comores FD   Tel. +269-73-2939 left. nat.     f. 1981, led by Moustoifa Saïd Cheikh
Islands' Fraternity and Unity Party Shama Sha Unanya Na ubvamodja Wa Masiwa / Parti de la Fraternité et l'Unité des Iles Chuma   Tel. +269-73-1705       f. 1985; led by Saïd Ali Kemal
Revolutionary Left of the Comoros Gauche Révolutionnaire des Comores GRC     rad. left.      
Socialist Party of the Comoros Parti Socialiste des Comores Pasoco   Tel. +269-73-1328 left. nat.     f. 1968, led by Mohamed Ali Mbalia

Citizens Movement Mouvement des Citoyens       left. nat. section of French MDC   f. 2000, led by Bacar Ali Boto
Movement of the Mahorian Green Left Mouvement de la Gauche Écologiste Mahoraise MGEM   tel. 02-69610970 green     f. 1993, until 2004 The Greens-Mayotte, led by Ahamada Salime
Renovated Communist party of Mayotte Parti Communiste Rénové de Mayotte       com.     f. 1999, led by Omar Simba
Socialist Party Parti Socialiste       soc. dem. section of French PS   f. 1991, led by Hariti Ibrahim

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