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Last update: October 6, 2005

Parl. '04
Class Vanguard         tro.   -  
Democratic Labour Party, english page Min-ju No-dong Dang DLP Jin-bo Jung-chi, Ee-ron-gua Sil-cheon e-mail left. soc.   13.03% f. 1999 by Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, led by Kim Hye-kyung
All Together Da-ham-khe   Da-ham-khe e-mail tro. close to IS   former student group dominated by International Socialists of South Korea (ISSK)
Solidarity for Equality Pyoung-deung Yon-dai   Pyoung-deung Yon-dai   left. soc.     mainly union activists
Federation of Korean Anarchists         anar.   - f. 1987
Forward March towards Workers Power         tro.   -  
Green Social Democratic Party       e-mail soc. dem.   0.49% f. 2004 by merger of Social Democratic and Green Parties
Korea Greens         green     f. 2004
Korean Anarchist Network         anar.   -  
National Democratic Front of South Korea   Han-min-jeon Kuguk Choson e-mail com. linked to North Korean WPK illegal f. 1985 by Revolutionary Party for Reunification
Power of the Working Class Nodong-ja-euy Him PWC No-dong-ja-euy Him e-mail rad. left. close to USFI - f. 1999
Socialist Party of Korea Sa-hoi Dang SPK Sa-hoi Dang e-mail left. soc.   0.22% f. 1998 by Youth Progress Party

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