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Last update: October 5, 2005

Parl. '02
Malegachian Militant Movement Malagasy Mivondrona Mpitolona MMM           led by Max Halvarie Zakasoa Randriambaomahova
Militant Action Party for Sovereignty of Madagascar               led by Jean-Noel Mahatin
Militants for the Progress of Madagascar Militants pour le Progrès de Madagascar/Mpitolona ho Amin'ny Fandrosoan'i Madagaskar MFM     ex-mao., liberal   3.81%
cand. in 99 of 156 distr.
f. 1972, led by Manandafy Rakotonirina
Monima Socialist Organisation Vondrona Sosialista Monima VSM Tolona Sosialista Tel.: +261-2-27474 ex-mao.   no part. f. 1977 as split from Monima, led by André Radzafindrabe
National Movement for the Independence of Madagascar - Madagascar for the Malagasy Mouvement National pour l'Indépendance de Madagascar - Madagasikara Otronin'ny Malagasy Monima Ka Miviombio Tolona   left. nat.   0.16%
cand. in 7 of 156 distr.
f. 1958, led by Roindefo Monja
Party of the Independence Congress of Madagaskar Parti du Congrès de l'indépendence de Madagascar / Antoko'ny Kongresi'ny Fahaleovantenan'i Madagasikara AKFM Imongo Vaovao   com. ex-SU 0.042%
cand. in 4 of 156 distr.
f. 1958, led by Gisèle Rabesahala
Party of the Independence Congress of Madagascar-Renewal Parti du Congrès de l'indépendence de Madagascar - Renouveau / Antoko'ny Kongresi'ny Fahaleovantenan'i Madagasikara - Fanavaozana AKFM-F Ny Fahaleovantenan'i Madagasikara       no part. f. 1989 as split from AKFM; led by Richard Andriamanjato
Party for Defence of Popular Rights               led by Jean Marie Razafindramanga
Popular Impulse for National Unity Vonjy Iray Tsy Mivaky VITM     soc. dem. SI cons. 0.12%
cand. in 4 of 156 distr.
f. 1976
Socialist Progressive Party Antoko Liam-Pivoarana Sosialista / Parti Progressiste Socialiste ALS/PPS         no part. f. 1990, led by Célestine Rakotomandimby
Workers' and Peasants' Militants Mpiasa sy Tantsaha Mitolona MTM           led by Lorette Raharibony
Parties probably disbanded
Malgachian Patriotic and Labour Movement (Mouvement Travailliste et Patriotique Malgache, MTPM), Party Fighting for Social Equality (Antoko Mpitolona Hisian'ny Fitoviana / Parti Luttant pour l'Egalité Sociale, AMF), Power to the People (Vahoaka Tompon'ny Fahefana, Le Pouvoir au Peuple, VTF)

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