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Parl. '02
Collective for the Libertarian Idea Kolektiv za Slobodarska Ideja     e-mail anar.   no part. f. 1999
Communist Party of Macedonia Komunisticka Partija na Makedonija KPM   e-mail com.   0.16%
cand. in 4 of 6 districts
f. 1992
League of Communists of Macedonia Sojuz na Komunistite na Makedonija SKM   e-mail com. ICS, close to Yugoslav SK-PJ no part. f. 1992 as SKM-PJ
New Communist Party of Macedonia Nova Komunisticka Partija na Makedonija NKPM     stal. close to Yugoslav NKPJ no part. f. 1993 as New Communist Movement of Macedonia
Pan-Macedonian Workers Party Semakedonska Rabotnicka Partija SRP         0.026%
cand. in 2 of 6 districts
Social Democratic Party of Macedonia Socijaldemokratska Partija na Makedonija SDPM   Tel.: +389-91-334207 soc. dem.   0.29%
cand. in 4 of 6 districts
f. 1990
Social-Democratic League of Macedonia Socijaldemokratski Sojuz na Makedonija SDSM Demokratija e-mail soc. dem. SI, PES(a) 41.42% for alliance Together for Macedonia f. 1989 by Communist League of Macedonia
Socialist Party of Macedonia Socijalisticka Partija na Makedonija SPM   e-mail soc. dem.   2.17% f. 1990 by Socialist Alliance of Working People
Workers Party Rabotnicka Partija     Tel.: +389-91-239199     no part. f. 1990
Parties probably disbanded
Communist Party of Macedonia (Komunisticka Partija na Makedonija, f. 1993)

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