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Last update: July 1, 2004

Parl. '01
African Liberation Forces of Mauritania Forces de Libération Africaines de Mauritanie FLAM Le Flambeau e-mail black nat.   no part. f. 1983, led by Samba Thiam
Arabic-African Salvation Front Front Arabo-Africain de Salut FAAS Le Refus          
Democratic Socialist Union Union Socialiste Démocratique USD     arab nat. Syrian Ba'th no part.  
Mauritanian Party for the Defense of the Environment Parti Mauritanien pour la Défense de l'Environnement PMDE   e-mail green     f. 2001, led by Mohammed Ould Dellahi
Mauritanian Popular Front Front Populaire Mauritanien / Jabah al-Shabiyah FPM   e-mail centre left   0.93% led by Chbih Ould Cheikh Melainine
National Rebirth Party Parti de la Renaissance Nationale PRN     arab nat. Iraqi Ba'th illegal f. 2001
National Vanguard Parti de l’Avant Garde Nationale / Tali'ah Al-Wataniyah       arab nat. Iraqi Ba'th illegal led by Khattri Ould Jiddou
Opposition Parties Front Front des Partis d'Opposition             alliance f. 1997
Progressive Popular Alliance Alliance Populaire Progressiste       nasserite     led by Mohamed Hafed Ould Ismaël
Rally of Democratic Forces Rassemblement des Forces Démocratiques / Takattul al-Quwa al Dimuqratiyah RFD   e-mail soc. dem. SI obs. 6.85% f. 2001, replaced Union of Democratic Forces - New Era (UFD/EN) that was outlawed, led by Ahmed Ould Daddah
Union of Progress Forces Union des Forces de Progrès / Ittihad Quwa al-Taqaddum UFP   e-mail ex-mao., left. nat.   3.23% f. 2000 as split from UFD/EN, led by Mohamed Ould Maouloud
Parties probably disbanded
Democractic and Socialist Popular Union (Union Populaire Socialiste et Démocratique, UPSD)

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