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Parl. '00
Communist Party of Mauritius Parti communiste de l'Île Maurice PCM Le Travailleur       no part. f. 1960
Mauritian Militant Movement Mouvement Militant Mauricien MMM Le Nouveau Militant   soc. dem. SI 51.38% for alliance with MSM f. 1969
Mauritius Labour Party Parti Travailliste     e-mail soc. dem. SI 35.49% for alliance with other party f. 1936
Mauritian Socialist Militant Movement   MSMM            
Militant Socialist Movement Mouvement Socialiste Militant MSM   e-mail soc. dem.   in alliance with MMM f. 1983 as split from MMM
Militant Solidarity Movement Mouvement Militant Solidarité              
Republican Movement Movement Républicain     fax: +19-230-3951112 alternative   on MMM/MSM list f. 1996
Socialist Labour Movement Mouvement Travailliste Socialiste       stal.   0.0065%
2 cand. in 2 districts
Socialist Workers Party Parti Socialiste Ouvrier SWP/PSO   e-mail stal.     f. 1997
The Greens Fraterenal Organization Organisation Fraternelle "Les Verts"     tel.: +19-230-4542837     no part. f. as Front des Travailleurs Socialistes
The Struggle Lalit   Revi Lalit e-mail tro. ILCWI 0.80%
20 cand.
f. 1977
Parties probably disbanded
Mauritius People's Progressive Party (MPPP), Militant Workers' Party (Parti Militan Travayer, PMT)

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