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Last update: July 29, 2004

region. '04
Federation of Coordination Committees of Independantists Fédération des Comités de Coordination des Indépendantistes FCCI Le Journal FCCI       3.20% with FULK f. 1998 as split from FLNKS
Kanak United Liberation Front Front Uni de Libération Kanak FULK Kanaky no i do kamo   left. nat.   see FCCI f. 1977
Pacific Greens Verts Pacifique     e-mail green part of French Greens 0.96%  
Socialist Kanak National Liberation Front Front de Libération Nationale Kanak Socialiste FLNKS Bwenando tel.: +687-274033 left. nat.   2.34% f. 1984
Caledonian Union Union Calédoniene UC   e-mail left. nat.   11.86% f. 1956
Kanak Liberation Party Parti de Libération Kanak Palika Le Kanak e-mail rad. left nat.   14.02%
as National Union for Independence
f. 1975
Melanesian Progressive Union Union Progressiste Mélanésienne UPM     left. nat.     f. 1974 as split from UC
Oceanian Democratic Rally Rassemblement Démocratique Océanien RDO     left. nat.     f. 1994
Socialist Kanak Liberation Libération Kanak Socialiste LKS Kalaga   soc. dem.   2.87% f. 1981 as split from Palika
Parties probably disbanded
Kanak Socialist Party (Parti Socialiste de Kanaky, PSK)

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