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Last update: July 8, 2004

Parl. '03
Awareness League     e-mail ex-trot., anar. syn. AIT - f. 1987 or 1988
Campaign for Workers and Farmers' Democracy CWFD         -  
Congress of Popular Democracy CPD         - led by Edwin Madunagu
Democratic Alternative           - f. 2001
Democratic Socialist Movement DSM Socialist Democracy e-mail tro. CWI on NCP Lists f. 1987as Labour Militant
Green Party of Nigeria       green     led by Olisa Agbakoba
Labour Party       soc. dem.     f. 2002 as Party for Social Democracy by Nigerian Labour Congress, led by Sylvester Ejiofor
Movement for the Liberation of Nigeria MOLON   e-mail rad. left.   - led by Bashir Kurfi
National Conscience Party NCP The Masses e-mail     0.48% f. 1994
Nigeria Socialist Alliance NSA         - f. 2003 by CWA, CWFD, SCON, SRV, SWM and others
People's Redemption Party PRP         0.79% f. 1978 by Northern Elements Progressive Union (NEPU), led by Balarabe Musa
Progressive Liberation Party PLP         - f. 2001, led by Ezekiel Izuogu
Socialist Congress of Nigeria SCON       ICS -  
Socialist Revolutionary Vanguard SRV         -  
Socialist Workers' Movement SWM         -  
United Democratic Front of Nigeria UDFN   e-mail     - f. 1996, alliance
Workers' Alternative WA Workers' Alternative e-mail tro. CMI -  
Parties probably disbanded
National Liberation Council of Nigeria (NALICON)

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