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French Polynesia

Last update: July 1, 2004

Regional '04
Free Tahiti Party Te Taata Tahiti Tiama       left. nat.   0.52% f. 1975, led by Charlie Ching
Greens of Polynesia Heiura / Verts de Polynésie     e-mail green   1.26% f. 1997, led by Jacky Bryant
Polynesia Liberation Front Tavini Huira'atira No Porinetia / Front de Libération de la Polynésie FLP   fax: +19-689834890 left. nat. allied to French PS in ULPD f. 1977, led by Oscar Temaru
Power to the People Ia Mana Te Nuna'a   Te Vea a te nunaa fax: +19-689677200 left. nat.   in ULPD f. 1976, led by Jacques Drollet
Union for Democracy Union pour la démocratie - Tapura Amui no te Faatereraa Manahune UPLD     left. nat.   40.86% f. 2004, alliance of FLP, Ia Mana Te Nuna'a and others

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