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Last update: July 19, 2004

Parl. '02
Awami National Party   ANP   tel.: +92-21-534513     1.04% f. 1986, led by Asfandyar Wali Khan
Balochistan National Party [Mengal]   BNP[M] Movement e-mail left. nat.   0.23%
6 cand.
led by Sardar Mohammad Akhtar Mengal
Balochistan National Party - Awami   BNP-Awami     left. nat.     led by Tahir Bizenjo
Class Struggle
Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign
Tabqati Jeddojudh   Tabqati Jeddojuhd e-mail tro. IMT 1 deputy on PPP list f. 1980, active inside PPP, led by Lal Khan
Communist Party of Pakistan [Khaskheli]   CPP[Khaskheli] Surkh Parcham e-mail com.     split from CMKP in 1999, led by Maula Bux Khaskheli
Communist Party of Pakistan [Thaheem]   CPP[Thaheem]     com.     split from CPP[Khaskheli] in 2002, led by Khadim Thaheem
Communist Workers Peasants Party Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party CMKP Surkh Parcham e-mail mao.     f. 2003 as split from MKP, led by Sufi Abdul Khaliq Balooch
International Socialists         tro. IS    
Labour Party (Marxist)     Mazdoor Karwan   tro.   not existing split from LPP in 2003, led by Shoaib Bhatti
Labour Party Pakistan   LPP Mazdoor Jeddojuhd e-mail tro. ex-CWI 0.027%
5 cand.
f. 1997, split from Class Struggle in 1992
National Awami Party Pakistan   NAPP           f. 2000, split from ANP, led by Arbab Ayub Jan
National Party   BNM     Baloch left. nat.   0.35%
7 cand. (BNM)
f. 2003 by Balochistan National Movement and Balochistan National Democratic Party, led by Abdul Hayee Baloch
National Workers Party   NWP   e-mail left. soc.     f. 1999 by National Party, Awami Jamhoori Party and Socialist Party, led by Abid Hasan Minto
Pakhtoonkhwa National Awami Party Pakhtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party PMAP   fax: 820368 left. nat.   0.20%
6 cand.
f. 1989
Pakhtoonkhwa National Party Pakhtoonkhwa Qaumi Party PQP     left. nat.      
Pakistan Awami Party Pakistan Awami Party PAP Monthly Parcham       0.017%
4 cand.
f. 1994
Pakistan People's Party   PPP   e-mail   SI 25.81% f. 1967
Pakistan People's Party (Shaheed Bhutto)   PPP(SB)   e-mail     0,10%
18 cand.
leftist split from PPP in 1996
Pakistan Saraiky Party         left. nat.   0.00076%
2 cand.
led by Taj Mohammad Langah
Pakistan Social Democratic Party             0.00034%
1 cand.
led by Farha Khan Niaz
Pakistan Workers and Peasants Party Pakistan Mazdoor Kissan Party PMKP     ex-mao.   0.0049%
6 cand.
faction of PMKP led by Fatehyab Ali Khan, original PMKP was founded in 1970
People's Democratic Forum Awami Jamhoori Forum PDF Awami Jamhoori Forum e-mail ex-mao.      
People's Movement Awami Tehrik AT Subooh Theendo       - f. 1968
Revolutionary Streuggle Pakistan Inqalabi Jeddojuhd Pakistan IJP Amrat   stal.   -  
Saraikistan Party         left. nat.   -  
Saraiky National Party         left. nat.   - led by Abdul Majeed Kanjoo
Saraiky National Revolutionary Party Saraiky Qaumi Inqalabi Party SQIP     left. nat.   - led by Mansoor Karim Siyal
Saraiky Party         left. nat.   -  
Saraiky Revolutionary Council Pakistan Saraiki Inqalabi Council Pakistan           -  
Social Democratic Movement             - led by Baseer Naveed
Social Democratic Party of Pakistan   SDP     e-mail   - led by Qaisar Bengali
Solidarity Movement Tehrik-i-Istaqlal TI         0.0085%
4 cand.
led by Rehmat Khan Vardag
United Socialist Party         tro. CWI - split from LPP in 1998
Workers Front Mazdoor Mahaz   Mahaz   stal. pro-Alb. -  
Workers Peasants Party Mazdoor Kissan Party MKP Awami Parcham   mao.     f. 1994 as CMKP by CPP and MKP, led by Afzal Shah Khamoush

Jammu and Kashmir
Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front [Amanullah]   JKLF     nat. lib.     f. 1977, led by Amanullah Khan
Jammu Kashmir National Awami Party   JKNAP     left nat.   no part. f. 1995
Socialist Liberation     Socialist Liberation   tro. CWI    
United Front of Jammu and Kashmir Jammu and Kashmir Mutahida Mahaz JKMM     left nat.   - f. 2001, alliance of 6 parties
Parties probably disbanded
Green Party of Pakistan, Pakistan Labour Party

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