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Last update: April 11, 2004

reg. '04
Movement for a Reunionese Alternative to the Neoliberal Order Mouvement pour une Alternative Réunionnaise à l'Ordre Néolibéral MARON MARON e-mail rad. left. close to French LCR on list with LO f. 2002, led by Philippe Azema
Movement of the Reunionese Ecological Left Mouvement de la Gauche Ecologiste Réunionnaise MGER     green   on PCR list d. 2003 as split from Les Verts, led by Guy Ratane-Dufour
Parnouminm Movement Mouvman Parnouminm       nat.   0.70% led by Aniel Boyer
Progressive Socialist Movement Mouvement Socialiste Progressiste       soc. dem.   supported PS split from PSR, led by Bertrand Louis Grondin
Republican and Citizens Movement Mouvement Républicain et Citoyen MRC     French left. nat. section of French MRC on PCR list led by Christine Pombayen-Soupramanien
Reunion Otherwise Movement Mouvement La Réunion Autrement MRA         on PCR list led by Alain Armand
Reunionese Communist Party Parti Communiste Réunionnais PCR Témoignages   left. soc., ex-com. ex-WMR 34.48% for Alliance f. 1959, led by Elie Hoarau
Socialist Party Parti socialiste PS Combat socialiste de la Réunion e-mail soc. dem. section of French PS 15.91% with Les Verts led by Michel Vergoz
Socialist Priority of Reunion Priorité Socialiste Réunion PSR   e-mail soc. dem.   on PCR list f. 2001 as split from PS, led by Denise Caro
The Greens - Reunion Les Verts - Réunion   La Gazette des Verts e-mail green section of French Greens on PS list led by Claude Pothin
Union of Democrats and Socialists of Reunion Union des Démocrates et des Socialistes de La Réunion UDSR     soc. dem.   on PCR list split from PS, led by Wilfrid Bertile
Workers' Struggle Lutte Ouvrière LO   e-mail tro. part of French LO 1.55% with MARON led by Jean-Yves Payet

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