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Last update: July 28, 2004

Parl. '02
Anarchist Federation of Sweden Sveriges Anarkistfederation SAF   e-mail anar.   no. part. f. 2002
Autonomous Communist Struggle Autonom Kommunistisk Kamp AKK   e-mail rad. left.   no part. f. 2002
Central Organization of the Workers of Sweden Sveriges Arbetares Centralorganisation SAC Arbetaren e-mail anar. syn.   no. part. f. 1910
Centre for Worker-Communists Centrum för Arbetar-Kommunister CAK ArbetarSocialisten e-mail rad. left. close to WCPI (Iran) no. part.  
Communist League
Kommunistiska Förbundet   Ny International e-mail tro. SWP 0.00087%  
Communist Party Marxist-Leninists (revolutionaries) Kommunistiska Partiet Marxist-Leninisterna (revolutionärerna) KPML(r) Proletären e-mail stal. ICS no. part. f. 1970
Communist Party of Sweden Sveriges Kommunistiska Parti SKP Riktpunkt e-mail com. ex-USSR 0.022% f. 1995 as a continuation of Workers’ Party – Communists (APK)
Democratic Alternative Demokratiskt Alternativ DA Direkt Demokrati e-mail     no. part.  
Enviroment Party the Greens Miljöpartiet de Gröna MP   e-mail green EFGP 4.65% f. 1980
Grassroots Association Föreningen Fotfolket       tro.   no. part. f. 1988
International Communist Current Internationella Kommunistiska Strömmningen IKS Internationell Revolution   left. com. ICC no. part.  
International Socialists Internationella Socialister     e-mail tro. IS no part.  
International Socialists Internationella Socialister       tro. SIQI no part.  
Independent Social Democrats Oberoende Socialdemokraten   Oberoende socialdemokraten e-mail   ILCWI no part.  
Justice Party – the Socialists Rättevisepartiet Socialisterna RS Offensiv, Marxismen Idag e-mail tro. CWI 0.029% f. 1974
League for a Revolutionary Party Förbundet för ett Revolutionärt Parti FRP     tro. ex-COFI no. part. f. 1992
Left Party Vänsterpartiet (v) Vänsterpress e-mail left. soc., ex-com. NELF, NGLA, ex-CI, ex-WMR 8.39% f. 1917
New Workers’ Newspaper Nya Arbetartidningen Nya AT Nya Arbetartidningen e-mail com.   no. part. f. 1993 by remains of SKA and KPS
People’s Power Folkmakt   Folkmakt e-mail   formerly linked to Class War (UK) no. part. f. 1993
Popular Democrats Folkdemokraterna       left. soc. dem.   0.00023% f. 1991
Revolutionary Front Revolutionära Fronten     e-mail rad. left.   no. part.  
Social Democratic Labour Party of Sweden Sveriges Socialdemokratiska Arbetareparti SAP, (s) Aktuellt i Politiken e-mail soc. dem. SI, PES 39.85% f. 1889
Socialecological Action Socialekologisk Aktion SEA Ekologisten e-mail left. green   no. part. f. 1992
Socialist Alternative Socialistiskt Alternativ SocAlt Socialistiskt Alternativs nyhetsbrev e-mail tro.   no. part. split from AM in 2001, works within (v)
Socialist Party Socialistiska Partiet SP Internationalen, Röda Rummet e-mail tro. USFI 0.061% f. 1969
The Socialist Socialisten   Socialisten e-mail tro. IMT no. part. active in SAP, split from Offensiv in 1992
Workers' List Arbetarlistan       left. soc. dem.   no part. f. 1990 as split from SAP
Workers Power Arbetarmakt AM Arbetarmakt, Arbetarmakts nyhetsbrev e-mail tro. L5I no. part. split from SP in 1994
Parties probably disbanded
Communist Party of Sweden [Takman] (Sveriges Kommunistiska Parti[Takman]), Humanist Party (Humanistiska Partiet), Marxists (Marxisterna), Solidarity Party (Solidaritetspartiet), Workers’ League for Socialism (Arbetarförbundet för Socialism), Workers’ List – Alternative (Arbetarlistan – Alternativ)

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